Sunday, October 16, 2011

Introduction of Guest Blogger/Inspiration 2011

Hudson De Witt Kelly, Chicago, IL

I have been an ardent supporter of the fashion industry as long as I can remember as it gave the endless possibilities of dreaming outside of the world I was in and into the world I was destined to be; sure as children we play but I didn’t just play I dared to become. I was fascinated by Vogue, GQ, Elle, W and Harper’s Bazaar because my grandmother always had them around her home and it gave me fuel for my stories and I knew that there was more to it than just women playing dress up for a camera with pouty lips they had created something so much more; of course at five you really don’t know what that is and even today at thirty-four with all the years I have spent in the industry working; thriving in it, living in it I still dream to understand it maybe I am not supposed to.

I am not one of those men who sits back to learn every term there is to know but I do know what not only inspires me but I also know fashion because I am always in it. I have friends, associates, celebrities both men and women that I look up to; I have periods that I wish that I could have been a part off but I also have my own imagination and this takes me to faraway places even know. I sit at the beach and I people watch wondering what they look like in clothes; while others are taking them off I am putting them on.

No matter what we want to believe we are all in fashion; we wear clothes. We shop for them no matter where it is we support this industry; women may do so more than men but men do so well. When we go to art museums, movies, go to buy books yes you still are supporting the fashion industry. Look at music it is so intertwined with fashion the buyer may not yet realize it but the industry does. Today at this moment I am inspired by 90’s minimalism with a move towards the new urbanite; when I think of this three people always come to mine Nia Long in love jones and Serena and Lily Vanderwoodsen of Gossip Girl.

Why you may ask because they wear what they want; how they want and it always represents walking representations of individuality. Serena is young but she knows more about fashion then most people half her age; of course it being a television show we must then look at her portrayer Blake Lively she mixes California cool with New York craftsmanship so effortlessly no wonder she has graced the cover of Vogue so many times. Then there is Kelly Rutherford who started off on the soap opera Generations to move on to the rebirth of Melrose Place; yes MP has had three rebirths if you ask me; she is sophistication at its best in this role. Nia Long on the back of the motorcycle with Lorenz Tate zooming around Chicago was not only cool she was herself; forever free.

Maybe minimalism has made such a comeback because of the global economy maybe it never went away but I find it fascinating because it is timeless; there is something that reaches mass appeal when haute couture can be so dazzlingly over the top. Minimalism is the ability to strip yourself down of all the masks and allow the real you to shine through in 2011 that has never been more important.

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