Sunday, October 16, 2011

Inspiration Board: Giorgio di Sant' Angelo

I've always had a fondness for vintage clothing and design. When done well, design elements have the ability to transcend time. This was made apparent once again when I visited an exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum showcasing the talent of Giorgio di Sant' Angelo.

Giorgio di Sant’ Angelo. Image MAO MAG

Italian born American Designer Giorgio di Sant' Angelo, (1933-1989) is best known for his free spirited collections influenced by Aztec, American Indian, Asian, and gyspy influences. What I found impressive was his use of stretch and synthethic fabrics like polyester and Lycra to make such modern pieces. I was immersed as soon as I entered the exhibit; one side displayed chic pieces meant to display the human form. The other side of the room full of whimsical, free spirited, gypsy inspired pieces the seventies were known for.

"Silhouette as we've known it, as something imposed by fashion, is finished. The only silhouette for 1971 is the body."

Dress. c 1974, synthetic jersey


“I am not a fashion designer but an artist who works in fashion—an engineer of color and form.”





If only I could touch these pages! Designer sketch book.

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