Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chic Reads: Happy Chic Colors

95% chic + 5% happy = the decorative nirvana that is Happy chic.


I find interior design just a fascinating as fashion design. I include interior design books in my home library, as they are a source of inspiration. I had to share Jonathan Adler's new book Happy Chic Colors. From the moment I began to read it my mood was instantly lifted! Jonathan's energy seems to bolt from the pages weaving design tips with his common sense musings.


Complete with paint colors and inspirational muses, Jonathan guides you through choosing color paired with your personal touches and contemporary design elements to create a happy place. From moody blues, vibrant reds, eye popping yellow, even nuetrals, (Jonathan affectionately calls "Chambeige"); this book covers them all. If you've ever been afraid to use color or was wondering if you are on the right track this is a must read.



Read Jonathan's manifesto and musings

{images: Jonathan Adler Happy Chic Colors,}

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